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How to log into i.Learn

You will require your AD login credentials (these are the same as Kronos and your payslip)

For new colleagues - AD log in details are obtainable from your Line Manager.

Forgotten Passwords

If you have forgotten your passwords, you can use the FastPass reset functionality to create a new password. 
You can find a link to this on the home screen of i.Learn.

Please note - new colleagues are automatically imported on to the i.Learn system a full day after your start date. If you have any queries please contact the i.Learn team in advance.

i.Learn Sign in

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Trading Places programme for managers

This programme has been created as part of the Team Midcounties Management Development programme. The aim of the programme is to provide a ‘self-service’ platform for managers to ‘trade places’ with managers in other areas of the business to share good management practice, develop skills and knowledge, provide an opportunity to create strong working relationships and development networks across the Trading Groups. 

Our i.Learn system will act as host, allowing you to take personal responsibility for your own development and arranging your ‘Trading Places’ experience.

Team Midcounties Induction

We are committed to providing a high quality Induction process and feel it is important for all new colleagues to have a good understanding of the Midcounties Cooperative and the cooperation movement before starting in their new role.

Therefore, all new colleagues joining the Society can expect:

  • A pre-Welcome Pack –containing important information and insights, including the formal Offer and Society Welcome letters
  • A Society Welcome session – this 3 hour Welcome session will be delivered by Society Induction trainers and all new colleagues are required to attend either before or on their first day of employment
  • A Group specific induction – this will be either on site or in a classroom environment depending on their Trading Group induction process
  • A 6 week review – all new colleagues will be contacted by their Society Induction trainer to monitor their progress and offer support during the Induction process

To view Society Welcome Session dates please sign in and follow the link below:

The Guide 2 Development (G2D) document is for all new colleagues, ensuring they have a clear path in their first 13 weeks.

The G2D covers everything from the basics of completing core modules and how to access their payslip, all the way through to completing anything specific that their roles require. 

It allows hiring managers to plan a structured Induction path for new colleagues and should be used in reviews regularly with them to ensure they are on track to pass their probation.

Click here to get your copy.

Please beware that you will need contact your Learning and Development trainer for your specific trading group G2D to use in addition to this one. 

If you have any questions, please contact Rach Cullen