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Colleague Union - USDAW

Why Join USDAW?

USDAW is ‘Here to Help You’ whatever your job and no matter whether you are employed on a full-time, part-time or casual basis.

USDAW provides advice and representation to workers in many different workplaces. We understand the challenges faced by workers to get a fairer deal in pay and conditions.

USDAW can help you have a voice at work - and the more members there are at your workplace then the stronger the voice of the Union will be. 

To find out more about how USDAW can support you click here.

If you would like to join you can click here.

Member Benefits

  • Help and support with problems at work
  • Representation for grievances and disciplinaries
  • Pensions advice
  • Representation over contract changes
  • Protection from unlawful discrimination
  • Cash benefits in times of need
  • Free advice amd representation on pay and conditions of employment
  • Free will-writing service for you and your partner
  • Protection from unfair treatment
  • Health and safety advice
  • Improve job security
  • Protection from bullying and harassment
  • Training, education and Lifelong Learning
  • Feeling you're not on your own
  • Legal Plusfree legal assistance for accidents. 100% of compensation is yours with no deduction
  • Free initial legal advice scheme about any non work-related problem


Find your local Colleague Union rep

Southern Region

Store Rep

Didcot Food

Carol Parson

Headington Food                       

Belinda Davies (Senior Rep)

South Wales and Western Region

Store Rep

Bourton-on-the-Water Food       

Theresa Davis

Bourton-on-the-Water Food

Adrian Vale

Cinderford Food

Debbie Tingle

Midlands Region

Store Rep

Aldridge Funeral VLC

Kevin Walsh 

Aldridge Funeral VLC

William Farman

Alrdridge Funeral VLS

Warren Clifford

Bridgenorth Funeral

Janet Bennett

Brownhills Funeral

Julie Handley

Franche Road Food

Lynne Griffin

Norton Canes Food

Martine Bevan

Rathvilly Nursery (Childcare)

Ben Kerr-Morgan

St Edwards Nursery (Childcare)

Emma Shimell

Stourport Food

Lyn Blackburn

Walsall Energy

Ashley Jenkins

Walsall Energy

Jenny Sylvester

Walsall Funeral

Wendy Willis

Warwick Cape Road Food

Grahame Stickley

Warwick Energy

Johnathan Carr

Warwick Head Office

Bernadette Connor (Health & Safety Rep)

Warwick Head Office

Rach Cullen

Wolverhampton V.I Post Office

Michelle Whitehead

Worcester Food

Sue Colwell