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On this page you will find important contact information, supporting documents and user guides in relation to:

  • HR

  • IFS

Some information on this page is private. Sign in to view:

  • Support materials for managers regarding HR & IFS
  • Find and contact your HR Advisor or HR Administrator

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 Contact HR

To get in touch with HR please sign in and locate your relevant advisor from the dropdown list below.

For general HR enquiries you can contact the HR advice line on 01926 516 469

 Contact the HR Administration Team

To get in touch with HR please sign in and locate your relevant administrator from the dropdown list below.

The HR Administration Team’s service hours are Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 5.00pm

The team work on a rota pattern and one of the team members will be available to assist you during these hours


Please click here to access all of the Society-wide policies.

Manager guides and procedural documents 

Please click here to access managers guides and procedure documents to support policy procedures and formal processes. 


Please click here to access all of the Society-wide forms.

Human Resources and what is IFS (Industrial and Financial Systems)

As a colleague

If you need to update your personal details please speak to your line manager who will be able to process these for you. These include changes such as:

  • Home address
  • Name 
  • Bank details
  • Emergency contact 

As a manager

You can manage your colleague’s employment information such as updating their personal details,
making contractual changes, transferring colleagues, processing new starters and leavers and
recording performance reviews.

How to access IFS

Log in using your standard credentials