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Share of the Profits

Share of the Profits is going digital, through the Your Co-op members app. With a few taps, you’ll discover an easy way to manage your e-vouchers and so much more.

The guidance here will help you get the most out this exciting new chapter for Share of the Profits – and in turn, help members, too.

Below you’ll find all the information you need, from an introductory presentation explaining more about Share of the Profits, to redemption guides explaining how members redeem their e-vouchers in each of our different trading groups, to FAQs to support any questions you may have about the changes.

Helpful Information

Take a look at our Share of the Profits presentation, by clicking here, to find out more about:

  • What are the Share of the Profits

  • Reasons why it's going digital

  • Where to find and how to redeem e-vouchers

To find out more about redeeming your vouchers, please refer to your relevant guide below. If your trading group is not listed then please refer to the presentation above and the Frequently Asked Questions box at the bottom of this page...

How to Redeem Your Vouchers

To view your voucher redemption guide please click here.

To view your voucher redemption guide please click here.

To view your voucher redemption guide please click here.

If you are a subject matter expert (SME), you can view your redemption guide by clicking here.

To view your voucher redemption guide please click here.

To view your voucher redemption guide please click here.

Supporting Information

What are the Share of the Profits and who is eligible?

Every time members shop with us and use their membership card, they earn membership points. Once a year, those points are converted into Share of the Profits.

This time, that share is based on points earned between 27th January 2019 and 25th January 2020.

Members can choose to use the share to spend in any of our trading groups, pay it into their share account, credit their energy or phone bill or donate it to charity. Each point is worth 0.5p.


How do members now receive their vouchers?

Members can download the Your Co-op members app to view and use their Share of Profit e-vouchers.

Members outside of our core trading area will receive their voucher code(s) in their letter or email.

Not all members will receive vouchers. Some members have pre-selected to either donate to charity, credit their phone or energy bills, or have their money added to their share account. For these members there is no change.


Why have we moved to digital e-vouchers?

In October 2020, members voted to pay Share of the Profits digitally going forward, as we move to become a paperless Society. And so, this year, Share of the Profit vouchers are available through the new Your Co-op members app. They’ll appear there as e-vouchers and will be available to members from 23rd March 2021.


Where can members spend their e-vouchers?

Members can redeem their e-vouchers in the following businesses operated by The Midcounties Co-operative:

  • Co-op Food – scan in store

  • Co-op Travel – redeem in branch or with your Personal Travel Agent

  • Co-op Childcare – redeem in nursery

  • Co-op Funeralcare – redeem in branch

  • Co-op Pharmacy online

Members have already selected to credit their energy or phone bills.. Members cannot change their payment choice to Energy or Phone for this year.

They cannot be redeemed in other co-operative societies.


How do members redeem their e-vouchers in my Group?

There is a specific redemption guide for each Trading Group on how members can redeem their e-vouchers in each Group, located above on this page. 

For members who have selected to credit their Energy or Phone bills, there is no change. This will be paid by the end of April.


How do members download the Your Co-op Rewards App?

Downloading the app is easy. Members just need to search for ‘Your Co-op membership’ on their app store – as shown below - or use the QR codes provided in the letter or email to them.


How do members sign into the Your Co-op Rewards App?

To sign into the app members will need their email address or membership number, and password.



What if a member has not received their Share of the Profits communication?

Members will receive their communication - either a letter or email - about Share of the Profits from 23rd March 2021. This will be in a phased approach over approximately four to five weeks.

If members have not had any communication by the end of April, they should contact the Membership Team. However, until then, please advise members that they will receive communications over this period.


What if a member is unable to download the app?

In communications to members, we will explain the other options available to them if they are unable to download the app. Please refer members back to their letter or email communication.


Can e-vouchers be exchanged for cash?

Vouchers can no longer be exchanged for cash in any of our stores


What is the expiry date on the e-vouchers?

The expiry date on the e-vouchers is six months from issue date – which is January 2022.

Once expired, the e-vouchers will be removed from the Your Co-op members app. If a member has not used their e-voucher, their money will be automatically added to their share account.


Where should I direct members for more information?

We have provided guidance similar to this in members’ communications – and there is further information on our website, too. If members have any further questions that is not covered by the guidance, or that you cannot answer, they should contact the Membership Team on 0800 435902 or

Please click on the links below to check out your briefing documents: