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Pay Dates

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28th Jun


26th Jul



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As a colleague member of Midcounties Co-operative, you can opt to transfer part of your salary each payday into your membership Share Account.



Payslips after 29/01/2023:

If you need help how to set up your access on the new payslip portal, view and download your payslip and log out from the system, please click here to review our step by step guide.


Payslips before 29/01/2023:


Please find the FAQ document here


Can’t log in to the payslip portal:

Password issue:

If you do not remember or you have issue with your password, please use the FastPass self-service portal.

Access issue:

If you are experiencing an issue to log into the payslip portal, please raise an incident through ServiceNow. Please select shared services, the relevant payslip portal you have an issue with an can’t log in.

Payslip portals:

-         Payslips after 29/01/2023 (ADP)

-         Payslips before 29/01/2023 (IFS)

Payslip issue:

If you can’t see your payslip:

The first payslip will be availabe on the new payslip portal (payslips after 29/01/2023) from 8th February 2023.

If you are a new starter, please check the payroll calendar if you should expect a payment and a payslip this pay period.

Historical payslips and P60 are still available on the old payslip portal. Please go to “My payslip” on Colleagues Connect under Quick links and select payslips before 29/01/2023.

If you are still experiencing issue with your payslip, that you can’t find it on any of the payslip portal, please log an incident through ServiceNow. Please go to Colleagues Connect, Quick links, IT Service Desk, Report a Fault select Shared Services and the also select the relevant payslip portal then payslip does not exist.

Pay query:

If you have a query regarding your payment please go to My Pay, Queries about my pay to review. If you still have a query please talk to your manager who would be able to raise a pay query through ServiceNow if it is necessary.


Access the system here.


P60 after 29/01/2023 

To view your P60 please log into the payslip portal hereOnce you have left the Society, you’ll receive an e-mail to your personal e-mail address (please talk to your manager to ensure it is up to date in our IFS HR system before you leave) with instructions how to login to the payslip portal to download your P60. You will have 90 days to action after your leaving day. 

P60 before 29/01/2023

If your employment is due to end with the Society, you’ll need to save copies of your past P60s as you’ll no longer have access to the online portal. To view your P60 please select P60 End of Year Summary on the portal.

If you’ve already left and did not get copies from the system, please ask your old line manager to request a postal one via a general query. 


If you received a benefit in kind such as a company car, your P11d has been emailed to you. For a copy please contact the rewards team