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As a colleague you can manage your working schedule with Kronos

All colleagues can:

  • View holiday entitlement
  • Request annual leave
  • Request time off in lieu, known as TOIL
  • Request your Birthday hour
  • Request time off for Doctors or hospital appointments
  • View your timecard / schedule
  • View your calendar of working week

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  • Food Training Guides
  • Non-Food Training Guides

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How to access Kronos

Via the App:

  • Search in your App store for UKG Workforce Central - download for free! 
  • Enter the server address
  • Enter your User Name and Password as issued by your manager
  • Click Log On

Via the Portal:

  • Open your web browser (not currently available on Safari, the system functions best on Google Chrome)
  • Input the address 
  • Enter your User Name and Password as issued by your manager

Via the Clock (Food Retail colleagues only)

  • Go to the clock in your store
  • Place your finger on the biometric reader

Kronos Support

If you have a query/issue, please raise a ServiceNow Incident, in the first instance. Selecting ‘Shared Services’ and then ‘Kronos’.

To process a Historical Correction, please raise a ServiceNow Request, selecting Historical Correction from the options.

For urgent queries please call:

01926 516 552

Payroll – Deadlines and Key Tasks

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Helpful Video User Guides

Check out the following how-to guides below...

  • Kronos Navigation
  • Society Navigation

Check out the following how-to guides below...

  • Part Day Sickness
  • Adding Annual Leave

Check out the following how-to guides below...

  • Viewing Colleagues Contract Schedule
  • Ending Colleagues Manual Schedule
  • Timekeeping Tasks
  • Signing Off Timecards

Auto-scheduler ensures we have the right people working, in the right place, at the right time. 

This section includes:


Check out the following how-to guides below...

  • Posting a Schedule
  • Ending Colleague Availability Template
  • Using the Quick Action Toolbar
  • Transferring Colleagues
  • InTouch Biometric Enrollment Tutorial
  • How to Request a Shift Swap
  • How to Request an Open Shift
  • How to Use Your KMail
  • How to View Your Schedule

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